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On this particular day, I was watching a man walk down the street. He was walking fast, brisk if you will. He seemed to be late for an appointment, but still casual. As he approached the intersection to cross, he spotted a large cup nestled in the tall grass beside the electric pole which occupies the corner of the sidewalk. This cup had been there for quite some time. I noticed this cup at least a few days prior. A large plastic cup from a convenience store or fast food restaurant. It had been sitting in the hot sun and cooling in the moonlight. You could notice the condensation built up on the inside from a distance. The way the light hit it.


 As he approached this cup, he leaned over without breaking stride and grabbed it up. In this instance, I appreciated his good deed. This man? I had noticed this litter but did nothing. I thought I would wait for the wind to carry it away or someone. Maybe he needs a cup? This guy is obviously in a hurry...and at that moment crossing the street, moving, walking, raising his arm. He quenched his mighty thirst with whatever was in that cup and never missed a beat, continuing on to his destination.


 in Richmond, Virginia

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